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5 Live Music Venues Near Fredericksburg, TX

Texas offers some incredible spots to hear great bands and individual artists, and a few of the best options are in central Texas near Fredericksburg.

Grab dinner, sip a cold beer, get up and dance, and really enjoy the music at five of the best venues in the area.

You will find a variety of musical styles represented in West Texas – everything from country to rock to jazz to rap is just waiting for you to enjoy.

Map of Live Music Venues Near Fredericksburg TX

Here is a map of the Texas music venues covered in this post:

List of Live Music Venues Near Fredericksburg

Here are each of those venues with their distance from Fredericksburg and what is special about each.

1. Pioneer

Located right on Main Street in Fredericksburg, Pioneer offers great food and drink at reasonable prices along with a steady stream of live bands. They have an experienced wait staff that will take care of both small and larger groups, and the selection of available drinks is impressive (give the watermelon margaritas a try).

Whether you are looking to grab a drink or three and relax, or kick up your heels and let loose Pioneer is worth a visit next time you are in town.

Location: 212 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Website: Pioneer

2. The Backyard Amphitheater

If you are looking for a place to see bigger bands in Fredericksburg, you might want to check out The Backyard Amphitheater. This concert venue is clean, has a great stage setup, and is tended by friendly bartenders and staff.

The booking agent for The Backyard Amphitheatre is lining up some fantastic shows. Mark Chestnut and Ted Nugent are two of the shows scheduled this year, so be sure to check their schedule regularly to make sure you grab tickets.

One thing to note – during busy shows the line at the bar can get backed up, so plan accordingly.

Location: 2254 US-87, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Website: The Backyard at Fritztown

3. Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse

How can you go wrong with a steak and a song? You can’t at the Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse on West Main Street. The food is just excellent, and in addition to several cuts of steak they serve salmon, pork, and even Texas quail. They also have a fine wine list, so you will find something to pair nicely with whatever dish you choose.

But this is more than just a restaurant; in the Crossroads Saloon you’ll find a steady stream of live bands to tickly your ear. And the good news is that when it sets your feet to tapping you can hit the dance floor and work off your dinner.

It is a popular place, so you should consider reservations – especially if you have a larger party of guests.

Location: 305 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Website: Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse

4. Der Daiwel

There’s more to music in Texas than country and classic rock. If heavy metal is your jam, then you owe it to yourself to check out Der Daiwel on East Main Street. It is a small, stylish bar that features great music, a nice atmosphere, and even a great dog to pet.

Founded by two ladies from Luxembourg, everything about this place is on point for metal fans – from the concert memorabilia on the walls to the excellent themed drinks served at the bar. It is just a great place to chill out and catch a live metal band.

Location: 321 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Website: Der Daiwel

5. THE CLUB at Barons CreekSide

If sitting outside on a patio, sipping a local wine, eating food from a European style bistro, and listening to live music while gazing at a beautiful sunset sounds good to you then The Club at Barons CreekSide is the answer. The friendly owners and staff cultivate a very relaxing atmosphere, making it a great place to sit with friends and enjoy an evening.

This venue is set in the middle of the Barons CreekSide vineyard, so you will be able to see the vines that produced some of the wines they serve. Pair that with a cheese tray, or the Italian-style paninis they serve (or one of the other specialties – they have several that are excellent), and be prepared for a wonderful evening.

They also have a number of cabins available, making it a great romantic getaway location. And don’t forget the music – you can catch some great blues, jazz, western swing, acoustic soul – pretty much everything that would be great at an outdoor bistro.

Location: 316 Goehmann Ln, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Website: THE CLUB at Barons CreekSide

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Welcome to the Arts Network

Welcome to the Arts Network

Art is expressive in all its forms. It’s know as the application of human creative skill and imagination. We love that definition. Creativity breaths life into the mundane. Whether is though painting, drawing, sculpting, music, singing, live performance, drama, or writing, art brings joy to life.

The Seven Arts

There is a traditional subdivision of the arts. They fall into the following general categories:

  • Music – For as long as humans have walked the earth music has been a vital part of life. Songs teach us, encourage us, move us, and remind us what is important in life.
  • Performing – Whether it is a full orchestra in a concert hall, a band in a stadium, or an artist with a mic in a sound studio, performing is a vital part of art.
  • Architecture – Architecture as an art form has stood the test of time, and monuments, cathedrals, and even common structures have communicated a craftsman’s artistic expression centuries after they have passed away.
  • Sculpture – Artists have used wood, stone, bone, horn, and other materials to capture forms and figures down through the ages. Everything from bronze castings to carved landscape to whittled figurines that fit in your pocket are examples of the art of sculpture.
  • Painting – Whether you look at classical portraits, or impressionistic landscapes, finger paintings or fine art, painting is an artform that is infused in our history and culture.
  • Literature – The written word can change the world, and the art of writing can inspire a generation.
  • Film – While not as old as many other medium, still photography and capturing video has exploded into the dominant way our world tells stories, shares information, and turns the world into an interconnected family.

Goal Of The Network For Leadership

Our mission is to serve the arts and culture sector in an ongoing manner by collecting accurate, objective, and comprehensive data based on the internal and external conditions of non-profit creative enterprises in the region.

The network analyzes the data by applying established and proven academic standards, and issues reports to arts leaders, philanthropies, government and service agencies, scholars and other related agencies. Customized, confidential reports are also available to individual organizations, which include diagnostics related to the organization’s financial state, designed specifically for arts managers and board members.

Observatory reports can be used for benchmarking (by organizations, as well as philanthropies and regional planners), program evaluation, and advocacy efforts. Once the arts and culture sectors have the impartial documentation it currently lacks, participants will be able to make stronger cases for attracting more funding and support where it is needed most.