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Mobile Giving, Where is it now?

Natural disasters gave rise to the phenomena of donating money via text message to causes but where is Mobile Giving today?  Now that this technology is several years old it deserves review of efficacy as well as analysis of best practices in the field.  Mobile giving may be the province of national campaigns for the most part but there are some notable successes with regards to using this technology for regional or local campaigns.

The growth of the mobile market is well documented as is the growth of the smart phone market.  Some recent surveys indicate that over 95% of Americans have mobile phones and that over half of those mobile phones are smart phones.  Likewise the mobile giving market has fleshed out in the the last three years as there are dozens of vendors for this technology offering services for a variety of different types of clients.  Choosing a vendor can make the difference on the margin of the campaign but more to the point the way that you build your strategy around mobile giving can have an even greater impact. Readmore..

Speaker Series’ Spotlight: Chad M. Bauman, Director of Communications for Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

On February 10th, the Master of Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon University will welcome Mr. Chad Bauman, Director of Communications for Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater to speak as part of ourchad Speaker Series. His presentation, Confessions from an Arts Marketer – Learning from the Past, Looking Toward the Future, will highlight the worst practices in the field, what can be learned from them, and how to move beyond them.

I recently chatted with Chad and talked Tweet Seats, fire in the belly, and what he wished he had known about the field from the very beginning…

Elizabeth @ Technology in the Arts: You’ve held top, senior positions as the previous Director of Marketing and Communications for Americans for the Arts and now as Director of Communications for Arena Stage. You’ve clearly figured it out. But even so, what’s the one piece of advice you wish you had received before entering the field? Readmore..

The Website Exhibition: Old and New

Contributed by Oneflare – Open, explore, type to enter, and browse; ever notice how the Internet’s functioning, even jargon, is quite similar to that of a museum, where websites appropriate the role of continuously changing exhibits. Moreover, with the Internet steadily acquiring a past, websites have become historical databases and locations where this past continues to surface, as long as it is deemed relevant by Google or Bing. In the art world, knowingly or unknowingly, this phenomenon of virtual longevity has led to the rise of online exhibitions, where the artworks never have to be shipped, mounted, dismantled, and sheepishly monitored by security guards.